Real Estate Investments: What type of apartments do you prefer to rent?

With the evolution of the real estate market more and more people are interested in investing, but what is the best choice when it comes to investing in real estate? Studios, 2 or 3 room apartments? New or old building? Central area or periphery? We have the answer to all these questions!

The studioshave the best rent vs. purchase price ratio. The studios are the ones that are bought the cheapest and are rented the fastest, but the tenants also leave them faster. That is, you will have a higher fluctuation of tenants than in the case of a 3-room apartment. The rental price of a studio apartment differs very little from that of a 2-room apartment that has approximately the same facilities.

The 2-room apartments have the highest occupancy rate. The revaluation of a long-term 2-room apartment is clearly favorable. Excluding annual fees and any repairs, all rent received will be considered a financial gain. The value of rent for a 2-room apartment is higher than for studios, and in the long run this aspect turns into a higher profit.

The 3-room apartments have the advantage of being rented on a long-term basis. Unlike studios and 2-room apartments for sale, which are mostly sought after by students, 3-room apartments are the perfect choice for families with children. 3 or 4 room apartments are most sought after in areas where there are famous schools, offices, parks, restaurants – ie the areas that offer the most facilities close to home. The main disadvantage is the initial investment which is much higher compared to that of a studio and the lower demand on the market. The main advantage is stability – usually those who rent a house with more than 2 rooms stay in the apartment for up to 5 years.

Area in which the property is located attracts different categories of tenants. For example, areas with office buildings, close to public transport stations, attract corporates who want to rent close to work to reduce time lost on the office-home road and fuel costs. The ideal areas for rent are: the industrial-western area and the Mihai Viteazu area.

Safe areas– are those that are increasingly sought after by tenants, whether families with children, students or young families. They are looking for residential complexes with restricted access and video surveillance. 

The areas with access to universities are the most sought after by students who come from outside Sibiu and who are more and more numerous. Most of them choose to rent close to college.

According to the market demand, the most sought after are the apartments located in new buildings, with a low height, because they are cleaner, brighter and modernly furnished.