5 Tips For Real Estate Quarantined

The confinement in our homes looks like it will take longer than we imagined. Do you really think you can afford the luxury of standing all this time? It is clear that with the offices closed, the work of a real estate agent becomes a little more complicated (even more so if we have children around the house running all day from one side to the other).

We all agree that the work of a real estate agent becomes complicated without being able to leave the house, but that does not mean that there are no steps that you can comfortably advance from your office (or from your living room, or from the kitchen or even from the bedroom).

The power of digitization

There is nothing like the warmth of a face-to-face meeting. Those live reactions, that closeness … Hardly a machine will be able to cover all those unique facets of face-to-face communication; however, today, technology allows us to be very close to it. 

It is clear that we still have a lot to learn, but if we have been able to adapt our work techniques to the current circumstances, we are sure that you can also do it. 

Multimedia content is king

If you have not yet opted for these tools, we strongly recommend that you start doing so. In such a globalized society, property buyers do not always reside in the same locality where the home for sale is located.

In these cases, buyers have the possibility of making a first visit to the desired home without having to leave the sofa, allows them to be much more qualified when they finally contact you. 

For this, you can make use of virtual tours, facetime guided tours, sky, and even 360º videos. 

Imagine how useful these tools can be at a time like today when face-to-face visits to buildings become impossible. 

It is not time to sell; it is time to learn (and learn)

A real estate agent should work to become a reference in your area for the sale of real estate. Are your website and blog adapted so that buyers and sellers in your area can find useful information to carry out their buying and selling processes?

During these days, the pace of lead creation will be lower, but visits to your content pages will be key at a time when the only available way for users to advance in their buying and selling process is to get informed.

Keep up your activity; don’t stop!

Monotony and inactivity are bad companions in a quarantined state. Set schedules: work, cleaning the home, playing with the children … You don’t have to be strict either, but if you don’t set some guidelines, you will end up all day lying on the mobile sofa in hand.

Perhaps it is time to read that book that you have always wanted but have never found time to do, try new cooking recipes, and even become fond of doing an activity like yoga or pilates.

Take care and take care of yours

The day one after the coronavirus is going to be a time trial wagon in which you will have to close all those efforts that you have been forced to postpone because of the confinement. The better the physical and mental health with which you arrive at that moment, the better will be your ability to be able to solve all those delayed problems.